Project - Popcorn

I was first introduced to popcorn as a snack when I'd badger mum about being hungry every half hour. What I didn't realize back then was, that not only was she keeping herself sane by quieting my incessant whining about feeling hungry, she was also making sure that by giving in to my demands of food, she wasn't putting my health at risk.

Not many people realize that pop corn, in its natural flavour is a very healthy snack. It is high in fiber and carbohydrates, has absolutely no sugar and is low in calories. This makes it a perfect snack for growing kids with big appetites and even adults who're dieting.

Popcorn has long been a standard snack for cinema goers. Even spending a weekend at home usually translates into jammie's, movies and popcorn. They come in various different flavours and packagings. Not only that, popcorns even make great gifts! Curious to see what I mean? Check out the Popcorn Tins and Popcorn Baskets from The Popcorn Factory.

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