1800flowers and Social Networking

It's always great to see businesses using social networks to build their brand. 1800flowers has been doing just that through twitter.

The key to social networking is to give value without expecting anything in return. Until you've gained a loyal following through giving value to your customers will you ever receive anything. Done correctly, social networking builds brands, gains customer loyalty and trust and promotes your business.

1800flowers is doing all that by highlighting different twitter followers and keeping people's interest by tweeting fun facts like "Fun flower fact: There are over 125,000 known flower species."

1800flowers keeps their followers and customers engaged by asking questions and interacting with them. All this leads to good mojo and people tend to trust companies that have a personal approach to their target audience.

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Alex Crisses - Non Profit Work

Alex Crisses is a successful man by all standards. He is a principal at Insight Venture Partners where he focuses on infrastructure software and internet investments. Before joining IVP, he worked as an investment banking analyst at Credit Suisse First Boston's Global Energy and Power Group.

Alex Crisses graduated with top honors from Wharton School of Business where he did his BS in Economics and Harvard Business School where he did his MBA. He was an outstanding student in both universities and received The Dean's Award for Excellence at Wharton and graduated as a George F. Baker Scholar from Harvard.

Apart from his success in the private sector, Alex Crisses also gives time and expertise to charities. He is the former Director of Fund-raising and Executive Committee Member of Mind Matters - a New York based charity for under privileged high school students.

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1800flower discount coupons!

Nothing makes my shopping heart beat faster than a sale or a discount coupon. Even if I don't need anything but I have a discount coupon or code for that, I'd move heaven and earth to avail it.

My theory? Even if I don't need it, I can always gift it to someone! So when I came across 1800flowers discount code I got all excited. Imagine how many people I could make happy with this! Heck, we just celebrated mother's day too! Momma! I got you flowers!

Coupons for 1800flowers will make a lot of people happy. If you've bought flowers from them before, you'd be super happy with this. After all, who doesn't like a deal from a service they use?

1800flowers will keep a lot of current customers happy with their promotional codes and get a number of new ones too!

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Norman Steisel: A man who wears many hats

Norman Steisel has worn many hats in his career. He has been a consultant, investment banker and Deputy Mayor of New York City.

He has held many executive positions through out his career. The most high profile of these have been: President and Founder of EnEssCo Strategies, Inc., Executive Vice President and Chief Operation Officer of Philadelphia Stock Exchange and Deputy Mayor of NYC.

Norman Steisel is known for his extensive experience in both, the public and private sector. His leadership and management skills are well known and he is considered a savvy, result oriented leader which makes him a successful candidate for whichever position he holds.

Prior to becoming the Deputy Mayor of NYC, Norman Steisel served as the Commissioner of Sanitation in NYC from 1979 - 1986. His Deputy Mayorship lasted four years from 1990-1994.

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Eyeglasses are sexy!

Tina Fey makes eyeglasses look sexy. That's the thought I had while I was shopping for eyeglasses when I found out I had weakened sight - in one eye.

Unfortunately, I'm not Tina Fey. Instead of sexy, I look like a geek with glasses too big for my nose. I know there are eyeglasses out there that can make me look good. A quick look through eyeglasses.com tells me that indeed, they can look good. They have variety and also don't necessarily need to drill a hole in my pocket but alas, I've yet to figure out how to make the smart choice where eye glasses are concerned.

How do I make them look good on me?

What looks good to me in the shop ends up not looking good outside it - after I've ordered them of course. My sisters are no help. They love rubbing it in (like any sibling worth their salt would).

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1800flowers for all occasions

When we think about flowers, it's usually in the happy sense. Flowers are associated with birthday, anniversaries, weddings etc.

What we often forget is that they are also associated with sorrow. You give flowers to express sympathy, condolences etc. They're left at graves, used in funerals, memorials and vigils.

When given at a sad occasion, extreme care is taken in your choice of flowers. 1800flowers helps you make the most appropriate and thoughtful choice accordingly.

With 1800flowers, you can commiserate with your loved ones and support them in their hour of need.

Just as there is sadness in the world, there is also happiness. 1800flowers is there in your happy times too.

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Shasta Pools to the rescue

Getting a pool installed in your backyard is a dream for most home owners. Of course that's before the reality of the cost of maintaining it enters your head. Compare that with the thought of spending that money towards your mortgage and installing a pool just doesn't seem like a good idea any more.

But what if you could maintain your pool without extorbitant maintainance prices? And what if *gasp* you already have a pool? Shasta Pools offers pool maintainance services and tools. Your pool drainage acting up? Get Shasta Pools to fix it for you.

Need to buy new or replace equipment? Shasta Pools has it all. They also offer free water analysis and guarantee their parts. If you buy from them and a part turns out faulty, Shasta Pools will take care of it.

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