Searching For a Job? Try American Career Group

In these times of recession, the unemployment rate has increased - thanks to the huge job cuts across the country. Everyone has heard of someone who's lost a job. Searching for a new job in the current market situation is like hunting for a needle in a hay stack.

This is where services like American Career Group come in handy. They connect job seekers looking for work with companies that are looking to hire. Both parties register with them and if there's a match, they're connected.

American Career Group also offers various resources to job seekers such as interview tips, resume writing tips, cover letter writing tips etc.

Not only do they provide resources but the American Career Group claims to make it easy for companies to hire employees. Their roster is filled with companies ranked in Fortune as well as smaller, private companies in various industries.

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Andrew Wilshire: An Entrepreneural Power House

Andrew Wilshire entered the financial sector when he was recruited to work for Beddows Commodities Inc. after graduating from Florida State University. This job proved to be the stepping stone for Andrew, who went on to bigger and better thing through hard work and dedication.

During his time with Beddows, he handled corporate clients such as Paul Tudor Jones-Tudor Fund and handled one of the largest traders in the world. In 1997, Andrew Wilshire started his own financial newsletter which went on to make market predictions and analysis for some major commodity traders.

His newsletter was so successful that he went on to turn it into a fully fledged brokerage house with more than 25 brokers and generate millions of dollars in commissions.

Now, Andrew Wilshire owns Worth Bullion Group which provides investment opportunities for private investers to invest in precious metals.

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Flowers Save The Day Every Time!

Every time I think of flowers being given as a gift, I think of a man giving them to a woman. Pretty narrow minded of me but there you have it. I realized that flowers can be given to anyone by anyone this summer.

I was travelling when my husband's birthday came around. I was at a complete loss on how to make the day special for him. I've never been a demonstrative person. Birthdays mean dinner out for us and an exchange of gifts. Pretty standard stuff. This time though, just calling and saying "Happy Birthday" didn't feel right.

Which is when I thought why not send flowers and cake? Sure it's a girly present but it'll tell him I'm thinking of him. So that is indeed what I did and voila! - problem solved.

Sending them turned out to be a bigger problem though. Finding a reliable service to do it was a hassle. A local service like 1-800 Flowers would have been a god send.

I wouldn't recommend international shipping which has no home base in the country you're in, which is why a local service is so important. If 1-800 Flowers delivers in your area then you'll never be at a loss as to how to send presents to loved ones.

There should be more service providers like 1-800 Flowers to make life easy for us travelers.

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Sak Narwal's Passion for Fishing

Hobbies are an interesting phenomenon. They have the power to make one feel productive, useful and at the same time relax their mind, body and soul. No matter how busy people are, they usually make time for it or at least dream of spending their off-time pursuing their hobby.

Sak Narwal, an entrepreneur by profession is no different. His hobby is also his passion. Fishing has played a big part in Sak's life ever since he was introduced to it as a child. His love for fishing is so strong that he has traveled all over the country and world to fish in some of the most spectacular places available to mankind.

The remarkable thing about Sak Narwal is that he's a "catch and set free" fisher. He doesn't cook the fish he catches but instead lets them go. For him, the real joy is in catching the fish. He doesn't believe in eating his catch but instead lets them back into the water and sets them free.

Even with his busy schedule, Sak Narwal makes sure to fish as often as possible and can often be found fishing on weekends.

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One-Eyed Monster

I never thought I'd need to wear glasses. Sure, 90% of my family has weak eyes but every time I've gotten my eyes checked they've turned out to be perfectly fine.

Imagine my shock when at my last eye check up, I found out that I had weak eye sight - in one eye only. Once my siblings had stopped ridiculing me and I stopped toying with idea of buying myself a Monocle (Seeing as how only one eye of mine had weak sight), I concentrated my efforts on finding the perfect pair of eyeglasses. After all, I didn't want to end up looking like a one-eyed monster. The monocle may have been all the rave in the 18th century but we have to admit, it's not quite the "thing" in present times.

Since I'm a child of the internet age, it was natural for me to turn to the internet for finding out my options. I may be weak sighted in one eye but that was no reason for me to look uncool! The glasses had to be cool, chic, long lasting and comfortable.

See how cool Tina Fey looks? I wanted to look just as good.

A quick glance through gave me a fair idea of what I kind of look I wanted - and what look I didn't want! I finally settled on two glasses when I went out to purchase them and have been trying to get used to them ever since!

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