Andrew Wilshire: An Entrepreneural Power House

Andrew Wilshire entered the financial sector when he was recruited to work for Beddows Commodities Inc. after graduating from Florida State University. This job proved to be the stepping stone for Andrew, who went on to bigger and better thing through hard work and dedication.

During his time with Beddows, he handled corporate clients such as Paul Tudor Jones-Tudor Fund and handled one of the largest traders in the world. In 1997, Andrew Wilshire started his own financial newsletter which went on to make market predictions and analysis for some major commodity traders.

His newsletter was so successful that he went on to turn it into a fully fledged brokerage house with more than 25 brokers and generate millions of dollars in commissions.

Now, Andrew Wilshire owns Worth Bullion Group which provides investment opportunities for private investers to invest in precious metals.

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Tempe said... January 18, 2010 at 11:28 AM  

Company, President and CEO Andrew Wilshire, and Employees Eric Scott Malcolmson and James Joseph Russo Banned from Commodities Industry and Ordered to Pay Over $500,000 in Restitution and Civil Penalties

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