Flowers Save The Day Every Time!

Every time I think of flowers being given as a gift, I think of a man giving them to a woman. Pretty narrow minded of me but there you have it. I realized that flowers can be given to anyone by anyone this summer.

I was travelling when my husband's birthday came around. I was at a complete loss on how to make the day special for him. I've never been a demonstrative person. Birthdays mean dinner out for us and an exchange of gifts. Pretty standard stuff. This time though, just calling and saying "Happy Birthday" didn't feel right.

Which is when I thought why not send flowers and cake? Sure it's a girly present but it'll tell him I'm thinking of him. So that is indeed what I did and voila! - problem solved.

Sending them turned out to be a bigger problem though. Finding a reliable service to do it was a hassle. A local service like 1-800 Flowers would have been a god send.

I wouldn't recommend international shipping which has no home base in the country you're in, which is why a local service is so important. If 1-800 Flowers delivers in your area then you'll never be at a loss as to how to send presents to loved ones.

There should be more service providers like 1-800 Flowers to make life easy for us travelers.

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