The Gift and Flower Season

Happy-Valentines-Day-1538 If there's one day (apart from Christmas) that has the exchange of gifts along with grand gestures at its centre, it's Valentines. Couples give each other valentine's gifts and valentines flowers. Forgetting it or ignoring it is not considered an option. It's the one day a couple can declare their love for each other.

14th February is often used as the day to declare your love for someone through valentines gifts and cards. The most common gifts are flowers and chocolates. The more serious of relationships can involve an engagement ring.

Women world over look forward to this day and wait with baited breath to see what their significant other would gift them and what plans he'll have for the big day. In today's world of online shopping, a lot of people opt to shop their gifts online and get them delivered as a surprise. It's a nice way to surprise some. While they think that you haven't gotten them anything because they haven't seen you hide anything or have you disappear for a few hours while you shop for them in secret.

Grand gestures is the order of the day on Valentines. The look on their faces is priceless when an online ordered gifts presents itself on the appointed time and day. An online shopping option is who deliver gifts and flowers the same day.

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Profile: Hector Kabade

Hector Kabade was born and raised in Mexico in a household that placed the utmost important on family values, food and hospitality. This is the basic priorities of a hotel too which was what Hector Kabade's father's business was. He was a hotelier who owned the famous Hotel Lucerna chain.

Like his father, Hector Kabade, is also a hotelier. He is the hotel executive and a member of the board of directors of Grupo Lucerna. He looks after the hotel development and operations of all the group's hotels.

While he was born and raised in Mexico, Hector Kabade studied hotel management in United States. It was there, while studying that he developed his love for food and cooking. He maintains a blog that is dedicated to his recipes and is also working on a cookbook that will have the old and new favourites of the Kabade family.

Hector Kabade is married and has six children and also has a home in San Diego, California.

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Profile: Linus Gitahi

Linus Gitahi is the CEO of Nation Media Group which is Kenya's largest media group and owns a number of newspapers. Before becoming the CEO of Nation Media Group, Linus Gitahi worked for GlaxoSmithKline in East Africa where he was the General manager. There he was promoted to CEO of the Lagos GlaxoSmithKline.

Along with his current position, Linus Gitahi also serves as the non executive director of Equity Bank, Ltd Afrika Investment Bank and Federation of Kenya Employers.

Apart from work, Mr Gitahi has a keen interest in running and runners in Kenya. Kenya has many world class runners and the athletes have dominated the world of distance running and track and field. He has a lot of knowledge about the sport and promotes it where ever he can.

Linus Gitahi is married, has two daughters and lives in Nairobi, Kenya.

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Profile: Amos Tamam

America has always been a land of opportunity to many and so many people have managed to make a life in America and succeed beyond their wildest dreams. Amos Tamam is one such person.

When Amos Tamam arrived in United Stated in the 80's, all he had was a degree in engineering from the Tel Aviv University in Israel. His start in the US was completely fresh and he had no connection that would help him make a life there.

Soon after arriving in New York, Amos Tamam started services taxi cabs in a fleet garage. More than 30 years later, he's still in the taxi servicing business. Only now, he's using his engineering education to bring innovation in the taxi cab business. He is the CEO of Verifone Transportation Systems, Inc.

His success is due to his ability to develop products and services that make running a taxi business efficient and hassle free for taxi fleet owners.

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Power Properties and Braden Powers

Power Properties is a property leasing company of two brothers, Braden and Craig power and employs about 50 people. The philosophy behind the brother's company is to create living space that makes you feel good about yourself. Their properties have become known for their architectural appeal and landscaping.

Power Properties has made its name by purchasing, renovating, maintaining and then leasing at reasonable prices, property around the Dallas's more run down areas. They also believe very strongly in constantly maintaining and improving their properties and work hard towards making their new properties even better than before.

Modern lofts and historic landmark buildings, apartments and complexes are offered by Power Properties. They're easy to contact and offer easy leasing options. They believe not only in renovating homes but building communities where people feel safe and form bonds. They aim to provide luxury living space in a community setting.

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Profile: Arlene Kock

One of the most lucrative jobs, not considering the gruelling hours and cut throat competition in reaching the top, is that of a lawyer. But not every field of practicing law is as well paying. One of those are lawyers practicing family law. With the percentage of rates so high, a family law attorney is also the need of the society.

Arlene Kock is a family law attorney who is based out of California. Her law practice, apart from family law, also deals with plaintiff personal injury, general civil litigation, juvenile law and felony and misdemeanour criminal law.

Most people are not aware of their rights. Arlene Kock works hard to inform and educate people about their rights and the different options they have in any given legal situation related to family law.

Arlene Kock's family law practice handles all aspects of domestic partnerships such as divorce, marriage, child custody and child support etc.

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Profile: Wangethi Mwangi

Food lovers are all over the world. People have been trying out different cuisines for centuries. Chinese, Indian, Mexican etc are all just a few of the world famous cuisines. Every country has it's own cuisine even though it may not be as popular abroad. Wangethi Mwangi is a journalist by profession who is also a big food lover. He loves the food of Kenya. An unlikely cuisine, but one he has done much to promote.

Wangethi Mwangi is the Editorial Director of the Nation Media Group which is the largest media company in Kenya. He was the sub editor for the Daily Nation, a newspaper owned by the Nation Media Group, before he was promoted to Editorial Director.

Wangethi Mwangi also has an interest in media law and economics. He believes very strongly in freedom of the press and its role in Kenyan politics.

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Remodel Your House with K-Designer

Got a house you love but living in it isn't the heavenly experience you imagined it would be? Consider getting it remodelled by K-Designers. We've all dealt with faulty wiring, leaky roofs and bad plumbing. All of these issues, while driving us crazy, cannot convince us to move someplace else.

For a house that we love but one that's very difficult to live in, remodelling is the best choice. It's cheaper than buying a new house (well, it can be if you don't go overboard with the renovation) and according to the K-Designers claim, you get a new house at the old address.

K-Designers renovate, windows, siding, exteriors, paint coats, garage doors, storm, security, entry and patio doors and plumbing along with other things.

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Happiness is Pets

Pets are loved by most people especially puppies. They provide companionship, unconditional love and devotion and never ask for anything in return except food and an occasional scratch behind their ears. Happiness is Pets is a company that was started by a family in Chicagoland in 1987 and has been breeding puppies for the Chicago community.

Children love pets. Puppies are a favourite among a majority of kids. The presence of a puppy who completely devotes itself to a child can do wonders for his/her self esteem. Happiness is Pets specializes in puppies and prides itself in finding the perfect match for every customer.

A lot of emphasis is places on the health and health warranty of Happiness is Pets puppies. They offer a a free veterinarian check up of the puppies in the first 7 days of buying a puppy from them. They also have their own panel of vets who offer their services of check ups.

About 50% of their customers are referrals or repeat buyers.

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Profile: Frank Hanna

It is often argued that it is tough for family businesses to succeed as there are more emotions involved than business. Like the Power brothers, Frank Hanna and his brother David Hanna, seem to be another exception to this theory.

Frank Hanna is an Atlanta based entrepreneur and the CEO of Hanna Capital that invests as a merchant banker in financial service businesses. Before starting his own firm, Frank was a corporate attorney with Troutman Sanders of Atlanta.

Philanthropy has been a big part of Frank Hanna's life. He's been promoting educational liberty for more than 20 years. He has helped start schools and worked hard towards various school reforms. He serves as an chair's the President's Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans.

He speaks frequently on topics of business and philanthropy and is the author of "What Your Money Means".

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Profile: Braden Power

If you're interested in real estate around the Dallas, Texas area, you'd have heard of the Power brothers. Braden Power and his brother Craig Power started their real estate development company Power Properties almost 13 years ago. Their aim is to rehabilitate building in the run down areas of Dallas.

Because Braden Power was renovating homes and not building them from scratch, Power properties was able to offer the renovated homes on reasonable rates, making the properties attractive to a lot of people.

Not only does he believe in renovating houses but Braden Power also believes very strongly in community. His trademark way of bringing the community together is by holding luncheons prepared by his own chefs. He calls them his power lunches.

You don't wanna miss a lunch invitation by the Power brothers or their company!

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Profile: Andy Barkate

Retirement plans are the first thing on a person's mind once they start a job. What percent of our monthly salary do we put into our retirement fund? Do we invest that fund? One man who knows all there is to know about retirement plans is Andy Barkate. He's the President of California Retirement Plans, LLC and is also the owner.

Andy Barkate has decades of experience in financial services sector. He is a speaker, author and teacher on the subjects of retirement and financial services. He conducts workshops about financial and retirement planning to corporations and governments. If you're looking for someone with knowledge about retirement and everything related to financial security, Andy is your man.

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Profile: Mohammed Babangida

When we think of music, we think of music from USA or UK, even Asian music. But music from South Africa is not often thought about much less discussed. Mohammed Babangida is an individual who is passionate about African music and aims to spread knowledge and awareness about it. His favourite genre is jazz

Professionally, Mohammed Babangida is an entrepreneur. He is the special advisor to Santa Isabel Petroleum Company. In his career he has worked in the oil and gas, banking, real estate and security services industries. He is known for his energy and enthusiasm and has a reputation for being a hard hitting businessman.

He is an avid sports fan with a special affinity for Polo. Mohammed Banagida is a very good polo player. He lives in Nigeria and when he's not working he listens to jazz music, spends time with his family and plays polo.

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Profile: Norman Steisel Deputy Mayor

People are interesting. Not for who they are, but for what they've achieved. Norman Steisel Deputy Mayor of New York City (1990-1994) is a man who became interesting through everything he's achieved. He has extensive private and public sector experience. His work in the city government made him known as a effective manager and savvy leader.

To quote his resume, Norman Steisel Deputy Mayor holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Pratt Institute and Master of Science degree from Yale University. He has taught courses in public policy analysis and decision-making at Yale School of Organization and Management, Harvard Kennedy School for Public Policy, Columbia University, New York University School of Law, and Baruch College, CUNY.

He is best known for his excellent term as the Commissioner of Sanitation in NYC from 1979 - 1986. He worked for the City Government from 1979-1986. After leaving the city government, he joined Lazard Feres & Co. - an investment banking firm where he was attached to the firm's environmental corporate and municipal project financing activities. He also served as an advisor to several municipalities, counties and international firms dealing in waste disposal, sanitation, water treatment etc.

In 1990 he returned to city government and was named the First Deputy Mayor of the city of New York. He remained in that office till 1994. From then onwards till 2003, he founded and served as the President of EnEssCo Strategies Inc.

Norman Steisel Deputy Mayor is the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Philadelphia Stock Exchange which was bought by the Nasdaq OMX Group in 2008 and is now part of the Nasdaq Transaction Services US Group.

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What is going on?!

My feed reader has either gone crazy or someone has managed to use my old blog address to publish stuff. But that's not possible because I don't have the blog address anymore.

I got 25 new posts about 'fake prada bags' and 'gucci sunglasses' under (which was the blog address of this blog before). The url doesn't exist anymore. I changed it to blogging-opinions.

Does anyone have any idea? My blogger account hasn't been hacked. I'm not going to link to the page that opens because I'm not sure if it's safe. Plus I don't want to give that fake site a legitimate link.

But seriously, it was such a relief to come here and see that everything was in order!

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Not a Man in Sight in 'The Women'!

women I went to watch 'The Women' today. Granted, Meg Ryan was the pull for me. What I didn't realize was that when the caption read 'It's all about The Women', they meant it! There wasn't a man in sight in the entire movie!

Even Debra Messing's character, who had three kids, had all girls. Meg Ryan had a daughter too. Jada Pinkett Smith was gay (funny how the word lesbian never once materialized in the movie), Annette Bening was the the hardcore single career woman, and Eva Mendes was the other woman.

The characters were people we all know and they don't offer anything new. And most of us would identify with either of them. It's a classic tale of the reawakening of a woman and how she realizes her own power. The theory being that she wouldn't have been able to do it if it weren't for the support, love and presence of her girlfriends. Meg Ryan's character wasn't a challenge. I got the feeling that I'd seen her play this role time and again.

The poster above is an excellent summary of all that female friendship is about. It's a classic chick flick, and a must watch for the good times we've all had with our friends.

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My Love for Shoes, Makes Me a Girl Through and Through!

For all my no nonsense ways, I'm a girly girl at heart. Show me shoes and I'll even like pink! My saving grace is that I don't hoard shoes. Nor do I buy them simply because they strike my fancy. I see shoe buying as an investment. They have to satisfy the fashionista in me, they have to be comfortable, and they must also be endurable.

Ask any of my shoes and they'll tell you I'm obsessive. I'll wear a pair till it's falling apart. I had these beautiful silver flats. They were perfect! They were capable of adding the needed bling to a casual attire and they had the well worn look of not attracting attention to them if there was no need.

Then there's my love for the Indian/Pakistani Kohla Puri's. They're the ultimate foot wear! You can walk around for hours in them and they'd be ask comfortable as any pair of joggers. Naturally, you just can't run in them! I know their level of endurance because I've spent hours browsing through bazaars hunting for bargain whenever I had cash to spare.

Of course, I love heels as much as I love flats. But my love for heels is for another time.

P.S: If you don't know what
Kohla Puris are, you're missing out! They're slippers made from leather and come in intricate designs with embroidery and/or sequence on them. The plain leather kind is for casual wear, the sequined and embroidery kind if naturally, for formal wear.

But their beauty is that they look good on all
kinds of feet. And you can wear brighten up a casual attire with a formal Kohla Puri in an instant!

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