Happiness is Pets

Pets are loved by most people especially puppies. They provide companionship, unconditional love and devotion and never ask for anything in return except food and an occasional scratch behind their ears. Happiness is Pets is a company that was started by a family in Chicagoland in 1987 and has been breeding puppies for the Chicago community.

Children love pets. Puppies are a favourite among a majority of kids. The presence of a puppy who completely devotes itself to a child can do wonders for his/her self esteem. Happiness is Pets specializes in puppies and prides itself in finding the perfect match for every customer.

A lot of emphasis is places on the health and health warranty of Happiness is Pets puppies. They offer a a free veterinarian check up of the puppies in the first 7 days of buying a puppy from them. They also have their own panel of vets who offer their services of check ups.

About 50% of their customers are referrals or repeat buyers.

Posted bySamar Owais  


nopuppymills said... February 24, 2009 at 4:47 AM  

Did you know this store gets thier dogs from puppy mills? Please visit happinessisnotpets.com for the truth. Thank you!

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