Profile: Amos Tamam

America has always been a land of opportunity to many and so many people have managed to make a life in America and succeed beyond their wildest dreams. Amos Tamam is one such person.

When Amos Tamam arrived in United Stated in the 80's, all he had was a degree in engineering from the Tel Aviv University in Israel. His start in the US was completely fresh and he had no connection that would help him make a life there.

Soon after arriving in New York, Amos Tamam started services taxi cabs in a fleet garage. More than 30 years later, he's still in the taxi servicing business. Only now, he's using his engineering education to bring innovation in the taxi cab business. He is the CEO of Verifone Transportation Systems, Inc.

His success is due to his ability to develop products and services that make running a taxi business efficient and hassle free for taxi fleet owners.

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