Profile: Hector Kabade

Hector Kabade was born and raised in Mexico in a household that placed the utmost important on family values, food and hospitality. This is the basic priorities of a hotel too which was what Hector Kabade's father's business was. He was a hotelier who owned the famous Hotel Lucerna chain.

Like his father, Hector Kabade, is also a hotelier. He is the hotel executive and a member of the board of directors of Grupo Lucerna. He looks after the hotel development and operations of all the group's hotels.

While he was born and raised in Mexico, Hector Kabade studied hotel management in United States. It was there, while studying that he developed his love for food and cooking. He maintains a blog that is dedicated to his recipes and is also working on a cookbook that will have the old and new favourites of the Kabade family.

Hector Kabade is married and has six children and also has a home in San Diego, California.

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