My Love for Shoes, Makes Me a Girl Through and Through!

For all my no nonsense ways, I'm a girly girl at heart. Show me shoes and I'll even like pink! My saving grace is that I don't hoard shoes. Nor do I buy them simply because they strike my fancy. I see shoe buying as an investment. They have to satisfy the fashionista in me, they have to be comfortable, and they must also be endurable.

Ask any of my shoes and they'll tell you I'm obsessive. I'll wear a pair till it's falling apart. I had these beautiful silver flats. They were perfect! They were capable of adding the needed bling to a casual attire and they had the well worn look of not attracting attention to them if there was no need.

Then there's my love for the Indian/Pakistani Kohla Puri's. They're the ultimate foot wear! You can walk around for hours in them and they'd be ask comfortable as any pair of joggers. Naturally, you just can't run in them! I know their level of endurance because I've spent hours browsing through bazaars hunting for bargain whenever I had cash to spare.

Of course, I love heels as much as I love flats. But my love for heels is for another time.

P.S: If you don't know what
Kohla Puris are, you're missing out! They're slippers made from leather and come in intricate designs with embroidery and/or sequence on them. The plain leather kind is for casual wear, the sequined and embroidery kind if naturally, for formal wear.

But their beauty is that they look good on all
kinds of feet. And you can wear brighten up a casual attire with a formal Kohla Puri in an instant!

Posted bySamar Owais  


Anonymous said... January 17, 2009 at 8:39 PM  

i did a post on the new in strappy sandals... and my my i thought i was too over whelmed with the whole shoe thing. but you caught me in the right moment... glad to find a woman who openly ADMITS :D

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