Sak Narwal's Passion for Fishing

Hobbies are an interesting phenomenon. They have the power to make one feel productive, useful and at the same time relax their mind, body and soul. No matter how busy people are, they usually make time for it or at least dream of spending their off-time pursuing their hobby.

Sak Narwal, an entrepreneur by profession is no different. His hobby is also his passion. Fishing has played a big part in Sak's life ever since he was introduced to it as a child. His love for fishing is so strong that he has traveled all over the country and world to fish in some of the most spectacular places available to mankind.

The remarkable thing about Sak Narwal is that he's a "catch and set free" fisher. He doesn't cook the fish he catches but instead lets them go. For him, the real joy is in catching the fish. He doesn't believe in eating his catch but instead lets them back into the water and sets them free.

Even with his busy schedule, Sak Narwal makes sure to fish as often as possible and can often be found fishing on weekends.

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