One-Eyed Monster

I never thought I'd need to wear glasses. Sure, 90% of my family has weak eyes but every time I've gotten my eyes checked they've turned out to be perfectly fine.

Imagine my shock when at my last eye check up, I found out that I had weak eye sight - in one eye only. Once my siblings had stopped ridiculing me and I stopped toying with idea of buying myself a Monocle (Seeing as how only one eye of mine had weak sight), I concentrated my efforts on finding the perfect pair of eyeglasses. After all, I didn't want to end up looking like a one-eyed monster. The monocle may have been all the rave in the 18th century but we have to admit, it's not quite the "thing" in present times.

Since I'm a child of the internet age, it was natural for me to turn to the internet for finding out my options. I may be weak sighted in one eye but that was no reason for me to look uncool! The glasses had to be cool, chic, long lasting and comfortable.

See how cool Tina Fey looks? I wanted to look just as good.

A quick glance through gave me a fair idea of what I kind of look I wanted - and what look I didn't want! I finally settled on two glasses when I went out to purchase them and have been trying to get used to them ever since!

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