Searching For a Job? Try American Career Group

In these times of recession, the unemployment rate has increased - thanks to the huge job cuts across the country. Everyone has heard of someone who's lost a job. Searching for a new job in the current market situation is like hunting for a needle in a hay stack.

This is where services like American Career Group come in handy. They connect job seekers looking for work with companies that are looking to hire. Both parties register with them and if there's a match, they're connected.

American Career Group also offers various resources to job seekers such as interview tips, resume writing tips, cover letter writing tips etc.

Not only do they provide resources but the American Career Group claims to make it easy for companies to hire employees. Their roster is filled with companies ranked in Fortune as well as smaller, private companies in various industries.

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Anonymous said... January 5, 2010 at 8:46 AM  

This is a great post. I’m glad it was bumped. Otherwise I would’ve missed these very useful information.


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