Do you take good care of your glasses?

You know how people keep losing their keys or some other thing they can't seem to take care or keep track of? With me, it's glasses. I can't seem to take care of my sunglasses. Last year alone, I went through 6 pairs of them.

Glasses are my one item of purchase in every country I've been to in the past couple years. Be it Malaysia, UAE or Pakistan. And I'm pretty sure that I'll be buying them when I go to India next month. It's not a hobby. It most definitely isn't a craze. I just tend to lose them, misplace them or break them. I've already lost one of the two glasses I bought for myself in January.

Because I live in a desert land, sunglasses are a necessity more that a fashion statement. If you don't wear glasses here when you're out in the sun, you'll get the worst headache of your life and your eyes will burn for hours.

Call it the reason or an excuse, but I love browsing for glasses online. is one such example if you want to spend some time looking at the different kind of glasses that are available all over the world in different brands.

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