Happy Mother's Day! A little history and lots of love

Two years after her mother’s death in 1904, Anna Jarvis held a memorial to her mother and thereafter established a campaign to make Mothers Day a recognized holiday. Therefore, incorporated as a national holiday in 1914, Mothers Day has become one the fairly newer holidays of modern times.

A mother can never be celebrated in a fulfilling manner; she is much too great to be honored by mere measureable and perishable tokens. In such a case, how do you decide upon your gift to her? You keep in mind the two most well known and universal facts. One, flowers are considered one of the most beautiful creations of nature. Two, all mothers love to be pampered and spoiled a little by their children; at least my mother does. What are mothers most conscious about in themselves? That they look old. Therefore, I'll be celebrating my mum's day by gifting her a bouquet of Lilacs, Bluebells and Orchids along with a surprise Day Spa package deal.

Mothers Day should be celebrated with regularity every year, everywhere. It reminds us of what this society has forgotten; the importance of a family, and a family is always spearheaded by a mother at its heart.

So what are you waiting for? Go get her Mothers day flowers already!

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