A Jazz and Polo Fan: Mohammad Babangida

Public figures are often only known for things that they do. No one wonders what their hobbies are or what they do in their spare time. The idea to ask about the interests never occurs unless they promote it or support their favourite sport or music band/genre openly.

One such example is that of Mohammad Babangida. As a professional, he’s a businessman known for his work in the Petroleum industry and his current work for Santa Isabel Petroleum Company.

What most people don’t know is that Mohammad Babangida is a jazz fan and loves to play polo. Talk to him about it and he starts off passionately about Jazz music. He’s made a concentrated effort to start discussions on the evolution of Jazz music in Africa.

Mohammad Babangida is also a fan of polo. While he lives in Nigeria, he’s worked hard on educational programs and other philanthropic activities.

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