Love for Chocolates

green-stats-323-million-chocolatesChocolates are universal. There are no boundaries for chocolate lovers and there certainly are no seasons. We all love them, eat them and crave them. They're also our choice of food during happy and sad times. How many times have we bought a box of chocolate for a friend who's just had a baby? Or emptied an entire box after going through a bad breakup?

My best chocolate memory is of my sister's baby shower. Her chocolate cravings were the butt of all jokes during her pregnancy, yet everyone brought some for her favourite chocolates at the shower. She didn't know whether to rubs her hands with glee at the mountains of boxes in front of her or cry at everyone's thoughtfulness. Needless to say, amid all the laughter and tears the pictures came out great!

With the holiday season so close, chocolate companies would be anticipating an increase in sales. In fact, they're running plenty of Christmas offers and sales. Displaying beautifully wrapped gift packages in shops, enticing people to buy them. We might not admit it but many of us would even buy them for ourselves!

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